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Invention Illustration: Things to know

Invention illustration is the 3-D renderings and virtual prototypes of an Invention. It contains reference numerals that help to provide a detailed description of the invention to the Patent attorney. 

The reference numerals lead the patent examiner to the related part of the figure.

Also, you can show the exploded views of the invention with the help of invention illustration.  This allows you to describe the step by step process of making the invention to the examiners. It is the utmost requirement of a Patent application. 

A prospective licensee is always interested in the internal workings and assembly of the invention. Thus, a 3-D rendering or virtual prototype captures more attention of the licensee.

You do not require an Invention illustration in the case of a chemical compound or a composition.

How to obtain Quality Invention illustration?

A good Invention illustration is worth a thousand words. Also, a perfect invention illustration covers all the details about the invention. It may save you at times when you somehow missed those details in the written description.

Thus, for a better illustration, you must trust or take the help of a professional patent illustrator. Also, the best way to widen the scope of any patent application is to add multiple illustrations while filing. The benefits you receive from these professional patent illustrators are worthy.

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Points to consider for a good illustration:

  • You require 3-D rendering to obtain initial illustrations and use them for multiple purposes, it is more economical.
  • You may create a virtual prototype with the help of a 3-D CAD rendering. It helps you to create exceptionally good drawings for a provisional patent application. The Patent Office never examines a provisional patent application. Thus, none of the patent drawing rules are enforced against your provisional patent application. Therefore, you just need to have quality line drawings for a provisional patent application.
  • You can obtain various outputs and close up views from different angles easily once you are done with the 3-D CAD rendering.
  • The illustrations must show every detail of the invention mentioned in the claims.
  • The Patent Office defines the size for the drawing sheet, type of the paper, margins, shading, and other technicalities. Follow those instructions carefully.

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Benefits of the Invention illustrations:

The ultimate aim of the invention is to make money.  However, you must spend money in order to make money, but you must do it wisely to avoid running out of funds between the project. 

The illustrations serve us in the following ways:

  • Developing a virtual prototype is cheaper than developing a real-world prototype.
  • It helps to create a sell sheet. It is critical for a person to create a sell sheet if he wants to license the invention.
  • The sell sheets characterize the design developed of the product with the help of 3-D CAD software that uses large photo-realistic rendered images. This helps the examiners to visualize the final stage of the product after completion.
  • Acts as a powerful sales tool that surely improves the success rate of the license.

Easy steps for maximum output:

  • The inventors must create a strategy for budget handling to gain maximum out of it.
  • Make your invention more realistic to attract a good licensing deal. 
  • Also, create a virtual prototype and link it with the sell sheet.

Moreover, this strategy allows you to own sufficient patent drawings. You may include them in the provisional patent filing later.  After all, you must file the provisional patent application to secure exclusive rights. 

Thus, this helps you to license something that is tangible in terms of IP protection and visual representation.

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What does the Patent Illustration Express provide?

Our team of experts at the Patent Illustration Express is always ready to help you out. We work on the latest software and within the guidelines of the patent offices. Our professionals are highly experienced in the field and own great artistic skills. Also, you may place the order online and expect the result within a few working days. Our harmony between the price and the work quality is best among the market. Moreover, you may submit your file in many formats and keep an eye on the work at any stage for any alteration. You get long-lasting results with beneficial advice. To know more about our services, do visit Patent Illustration Express.

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