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Professional Patent Illustration Services

A Patent applicant must not underrate the importance of patent illustration services in his patent application. Every Patent office accepts the drawings according to the specific criteria for the technical details in the drawing. A Patent applicant must pay attention to other important fields rather than just matching the requirements. The safest option for the patent applicant is to seek help from patent illustration services to match the technical aspects and demands of the patent office. Also, potential infringers think twice before copying the invention if the patent owner prepares the drawing thoroughly.

Moreover, the patent illustration services provide you with the perfect illustrations for your invention. One may explain an invention more easily with the help of drawings as compared to the written description. Precise and clear drawings strengthen patent applications. Thus, helps the patent examiners to understand the invention easily. Also, Precise, clear and simple images help to instruct judges in the favour of patent owners at the time of patent infringement. Drawings are also helpful in seeking an advantage while negotiating damages by the infringement or during a settlement.

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Patent Illustration Services: Hacks

Patent Illustrations or Patent Drawings are the detailed representation of an invention/idea by the Patent applicant. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) demands the applicant to submit the most pertinent illustrations defining the uniqueness of the invention.

The better the Patent illustrations better are the chances to wrap up the examination process early and attract potential buyers.

However, there are a few considerable points that majorly define the fate of a patent application. You must focus on some key points to boost your Patent application. They not only refine your patent application but also increase the chances of acceptance.

Hiring proficient illustrator:

The professional illustrators know how to depict the invention visually such that the USPTO accepts it. Also, they have the knowledge of what to include in the drawings. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time and effort.

A professional patent illustrator knows how to use the newest patent drawing tools, software, and equipment. They also know about the latest USPTO guidelines and standards.

However, there are some charges for these illustrators, but they are worth every penny.

NOTE: The prices vary, depending on the complexity and nature of the invention.

Coloured Photographs/Drawings (If Required):

You may submit coloured photographs or coloured drawings with your patent application to the USPTO. However, they are accepted only if the invention is unclearly illustrated through normal drawings and you can show the invention more clearly with a photograph. It is infrequently used though.

Moreover, they are generally used in the fields of cosmetics or crystalline composition.

Black and White Drawings:

The conventional method for Patent illustration is using pen and ruler and generally in black and white format. The primary tools are not so expensive and the drawing is somewhat difficult. This is so because you use India ink (it is a dark ink containing carbon particles which are often used in technical drawings).

There is a narrow room for mistakes. However, small marks are tolerable. You must learn the basics of drawing techniques. The most important part is perspective views; they show every feature of the invention. A small trick is to trace photographs with the help of a tracing paper.

Computer-Aided Drawing Software:

CAD equipment comes with a high-resolution scanner and also a digital camera. You use them to file multiple patent applications on a long term basis.

You can easily attach an image to the CAD program with the help of a scanner or a cable. Doing so makes tracing easy as the work becomes automated rather than manual. Moreover, you can correct the mistakes easily.

You may use a CAD program to draw invention from basic shapes. This requires constructing a 3-D representation of the invention by modifying basic geometric blocks. You can draw different views later.

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Patent Illustration Services: Technical Requirements

A Patent Office now accepts the drawings even on paper and digital media, but the specifications vary on shape, size, and form. The Drawing must meet the following requirements:

  • One must prepare the drawings according to the rules and guidelines provided by the patent office of the respective country.
  • Follow the guidelines of PCT (The Patent Cooperation Treaty) for filing international applications. The PCT deals with the methods to create the patent drawings in order to submit it in 142 contracting states of the PCT.

Some universal requirements of the patent offices around the world are:

  • Neat visibility of features.
  • Must prepare neat drawings.
  • Provide every possible view.
  • Must prepare neat drawings.
  • Must prepare neat drawings.
  • Maintaining throughout readability.
  • Make visually appealing.
  • Drawings to draw more attention.

The suggestion from the patent illustration services for improving the drawings becomes more valuable when it is more complex and difficult to define the invention. The applicant can save time by sequencing the drawings and the description if he prepares the drawings before the completion of the patent application.

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Perfect Patent Illustration services: Patent Illustration Express

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