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Difference between Illustration and Drafting: For a Perfect Patent Application

Patent illustrations and drafting are ways of providing visual and details of your invention to your audience. At the time of patent filing, a visual always works the best to give an instant and precise reflection of your invention. There are major points of difference between Illustration and Drafting. However, people use these two terms interchangeably, in spite of having different meaning and significance altogether.

But, no matter what, these are pivotal to your patent application at the time of patent filing and you need to file them as per the rules and regulations of the USPTO.

Difference between Illustration and Drafting: A Concise Portrayal

Let us now look at the differences between Illustration and Drafting and by going through both the terms one-by-one. Also, in Intellectual Property, there is a term called “Patent Draft”. It has a distinct meaning, therefore, do not confuse it with either drafting or illustration.

Learn About Drafting:

Drafting is quite a broad term. It encompasses several meanings. In terms of patents and drawings, it carries two meanings which you will find here. Since this term belongs to the domain of drawings as well, people get confused and look for the difference between illustration and drafting.

Drafting is a stage wherein the writers prepare a preliminary document. It is a process through which a drafter produces a complete illustration or drawing or any written document. Also, it is a more generic term and marks a difference between illustration and drafting.

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What is a Patent Draft?

A patent draft is a very important part of the patent application and therefore, do not confuse it with the drafting of drawings or illustrations. The specifications part of the patent application is known as the patent draft. Hence, Patent Drafting is a process of writing a patent description and claims.

Preparing a patent draft is a collaborative work between an attorney and the inventor(s). This is so because only 60% of the proposed patent applications get through the process of prosecution at the USPTO. Therefore, it is imperative to produce a well-tailored draft and proof-read the claims with the guidance of a patent attorney.

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Difference between Illustration and Drafting: For a Perfect Patent Application

Figure 1 – Patent Draft

What is an Illustration?

An illustration is a visual explanation of a text, concept or process, designed for integration in flyers, posters; in patent drafts, etc. An illustration is an end product of the complete drafting process, hence marking the difference between Illustration and drafting.

Patent illustrations graphically represent the written details of the invention. Illustrations are the end result of the drawing process. Patent illustrators create illustrations keeping in mind the details of the invention. Creating quality patent illustrations is a must at the time of preparing a patent draft. Moreover, those illustrations are as per the rules and regulations of the USPTO.

Figure 2 – US7201317B2

A patent with strong Illustrations as per the USPTO guidelines help to prevent infringement of your authentic invention, thus, helping with IP litigation matters. Also, a good patent illustration helps to find differences quickly from a confusingly similar prior-art.

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Patent Illustrations demand clarity and concreteness in their production. Creating them with a professional patent illustrator is indeed the right approach. Since an illustrator with vivid imagination and creativity can take your invention to places and adds value to your invention. Therefore, never hesitate while taking the assistance of a patent illustrator, as a patent illustration if not precise can prove futile for your patent application.

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