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Why you should not avoid accurate patent illustrations?

To understand the importance of accurate patent illustrations we will start off with an example. Let us consider a daily used object. Below is it’s Abstract (US3674070A):

“This disclosure describes a hand tool having the ability to engage various types and sizes of screw fastener heads. The hand tool comprises a bundle of wires held in a generally tubular housing with one end of the bundle projecting slightly beyond the end of the housing. The other end of the bundle presses against a deformable cell located in the housing. A handle is attached to the other end of the housing. When the projecting wires are pressed against the head of a screw fastener, the wires deform about the head thereby making a replica mold of the surface of the screw fastener head. Lateral torque thereafter applied to the handle causes the deformed wires to transmit this torque to the screw causing it to rotate.”

So, did you understand what is the invention is from the above excerpt? Well, it is a universal screwdriver !!

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Importance of Accurate Patent Illustrations

To be honest it will be difficult to understand the invention from the above Abstract. Herein, lies the importance of an accurate patent illustration. Now let us have a look at the figure below:

Fig A

The figure (Fig A) includes different views (Fig 1- Fig 8) of the screwdriver. A figure like above will ease the job of a patent examiner. He will be able to understand the invention with more clarity. Also, the views when described properly along with an accurate patent illustration will bear significant importance.

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Why are accurate patent illustrations a must?

  • A clear and accurate patent illustration strengthens patent application. It also helps patent examiner understand the invention easily.
  • It accelerates the examination process. Also, it may lead to decreased patent prosecution cost and time.
  • A patent application having a simple, clear and precise image becomes a great help in explaining patent effectively.
  • An accurate patent illustration even clarifies claims of the patent owner clinching the decision in their favor.
  • It gives an advantage to patent holders during settlement or negotiating damages in case any infringement emerges in the future.
  • An accurate patent illustration makes patent understandable. It thus prevents a potential infringer from copying the same.

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Illustration issues which can raise objections

Below mentioned are some reasons due to which you can face some objections:

  • Some patent applications come without drawings. Also, if available they are in the form of color photographs or color drawings without a petition.
  • It does not include all the claims features and reference numbers as mentioned in the description.
  • The illustrations are not clear that is they are small in size with improper detailing.
  • Drawings with incomplete erasures, graphic elements, or text overwritten with heavy lines and improper margin.
  • Drawings on unacceptable paper size with an exploded view without enclosed brackets and lead lines crossing each other or other figures.
  • Non-Arabic numbering form is used in some illustrations. Also they do not have proper shading sometimes. Thus they do not depict the shape of the design patent clearly.
  • It was made on easily erasable paper, poor quality paper, translucent paper and are shown on different sheets without proper numbering.
  • Drawings with cut or section view but the section plane is missing from general view and are also on the same sheet but with multiple alignments.
  • Drawings having objections in the previous examination is not yet clear.

Adherence to the Illustration Guidelines

For an inventor, it is important to adhere to the USPTO guidelines for patent drawings. Failing to stick to the standards for creating an accurate patent illustration may raise an objection in the patent examination process.  Ultimately, it will lead to time and money wastage. However, a well-defined and accurate patent illustration saves both time and efforts of patent examiner. Also, it increases the chances of availing protection for your patent. In case if you forget to put something in the written disclosure, an accurate patent illustration you submit will emerge as a savior in the long run.

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