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Some Important Patent Illustration Examples: Must Know

The Patent Illustration Examples refer to preexisting or prototype illustrations that help to define an invention for the patent application. You must include a patent illustration with your patent application to define the design or working of the invention. Also, you must understand all the elements of a quality patent illustration. You must provide as many details as possible in the description of the drawing to secure a patent. Also, you must prove that your invention or design contains more advanced features than the existing prior art. Below, you can see some of the Patent Illustration Examples.

The patent illustrations add more details and value to your patent application. Also, they make the invention easy to understand.

The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) provides tolerance for omitting extra details but ignoring details is a big problem. You may omit features that are mentioned in the claims if they do not aid in understanding the invention. However, you must mark these features in the drawing using symbols.

When to consider the Patent Illustration Examples?

In case you are submitting your first patent application, the Illustration Examples of the prior art help you to create your own illustrations without seeking aid from a patent illustrator. However, you must have an idea about the layout of the drawing. That is, even if you want to hire a patent illustrator. You must know what to include, a number of illustrations to add, etc.

The Patent illustration is not just one drawing, but a collection of drawings that provide the in-depth details of the invention to the examiners.

Moreover, the basic reason to seek help from patent illustration examples is to find competitors among the market. It helps to draw the illustrations that are on par with similar inventions in the industry. The complexity of your idea defines the number of illustration examples you must view to get the desired illustration.

How do the Patent illustration examples help?

You may seek a lot of advantages if you take the help of illustration examples of the related art before creating an illustration of your own. It helps you to avoid simple mistakes and provide more professionalism to the illustration. Some of the advantages of using the illustration examples are:

  • You always get a new perspective about the usage of views when you use illustration examples of the relevant prior art.
  • They show how two-dimensional and three-dimensional patent illustration software is different when compared to freehand. It is simple for the artistically challenged to prepare illustrations in these programs.
  • You may even enhance a handmade illustration with the patent illustration software.
  • The patent illustration Examples may help you in creating the mechanical parts of the invention.
  • The illustration examples remind you about the necessary attachments for a patent description, for example:
  • Title
  • Background data
  • Prior Art
  • The usefulness of the Invention
  • Figures
  • Field
  • Invention Description
  • Intend to use: examples
  • Helps to prepare promotional strategies for interested manufacturers.
  • Providing a clear description of the invention to a third person.
  • A feeling of self-satisfaction while finalizing the illustration.
  • They play a vital role in avoiding infringement.

Common Mistakes

The most common mistake a Patent applicant does is not studying the illustration examples of the prior art before creating illustrations for his invention. Thus, it provides an upper hand to someone who studied and researched the relevant illustrations and your illustrations are left behind.

Another big mistake is not willing to spend a few amounts of money. You may pay a qualified patent illustrator for an illustration and use that illustration to create one of your own.

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