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Patent illustrations: The key to a Patent

Patent illustrations or patent drawings are the graphical representation of an invention or a concept. An applicant submits them during the patent application process. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) demands the applicant to submit the most detailed illustrations to explain the invention perfectly.

Also, a better Patent illustration eases the complete examination process. They also prove beneficial in presenting the potential of the invention to interested buyers or licensees.  Thus, it allows your technology or invention to reach the market early.

Moreover, the Patent Office requires the applicant to submit a minimum of 1 drawing for the patent unless it is for a chemical compound. However, the patent office provides a time period of 2 months for submitting the required drawings.

Also, a patent office may not consider the information as a part of the original disclosure if you submit the drawings after the filing date.

Patent offices also prohibit the usage of color drawings, they are allowed only if there are no other means to explain the invention.

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Patent Illustrations: General types

The Patent Illustrations are classified according to the properties they cover. This includes working or utility of the invention or product, physical appearance or surface properties of the product or invention. Thus, patent illustrations have two basic types:

Utility Patent Drawings

The utility Patent drawings describe the parts of a device, assembly, electrical circuit or component of a system. They also show the working steps of the invention or product.

  • You must name the parts with the help of leader lines and numerals.
  • Labeling of parts using texts is prohibited (except block diagrams or flow charts).
  • You must illustrate complex mechanical assemblies or parts with the help of an isometric view or sectional view.
  • Use the scale such that it avoids crowding when re-created at the 2/3 of the original size.
  • Shading is helpful for a better understanding of the shape or structure of the invention or product.

Moreover, illustrate all the claimed features of the invention clearly and label small parts with sufficient details for supporting the claims.

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Design Patent Drawings:

Design patent Drawings depict the application of ornamental design to an article or product.

The primary purpose of a Design Patent drawing is to help the patent examiner in understanding the appearance or aesthetics of a product. Also, you may use special artistic skills to show the surface property, texture and shape of the invention.

Design patents protect the designs related to jewelry, containers, furniture, computer icons, etc. Moreover, there is no need for reference numbers in the design patent drawings. These patents own a life span of 14 years.

Do I need a Professional?

Although, the Patent Office has some specific criteria for the technical drawings you must pay more attention to the drawing apart from just following the guidelines. The best and safest option for an applicant is to take the help of an experienced professional draftsperson.

Moreover, a number of patent offices are now accepting the drawings in any format, which includes paper, digital media, etc. However, the specifications related to the shape, size, and form may vary.

Also, a professional patent illustrator may presentvyour invention precisely and clearly. He is well aware of the USPTO requirements and aids you to present your invention in front of the examiner in the best possible way.

Avoiding these things may mark your patent application as incomplete you may also lose the priority filing date. In worst cases it may cost you your patent.

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