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Design Patent Cost: How much is it?

A design patent protects the way a product looks. Also, it protects the surface designs. Thus, it becomes important to know the design patent cost before filing a design patent. However, a design patent does not protect the working or the mechanical of a product.

Moreover, a business or any firm may protect their IP rights over an original design through a design patent application. It helps to prevent any competitor from seeking an unwanted advantage of their design.

You earn the right to exclude others from misusing your design if you get a patent for your design. Also, it is capable of protecting designs of various products from jewelry to packaging.

The most important aspect of a design patent is the drawings. It is best to hire a professional if you are not familiar with the exact requirements and specifications of the design patent application. Also, the average cost for a high-quality professional patent drawing is $600.

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Design Patent Cost:

You may smoothen up your application process if you understand the design patent cost early. Moreover, the inventors may even face harsh financial situations if they are unable to set a budget accordingly. No one wants to empty their bank accounts over a design patent cost.

However, you have other options in case you feel that the cost of filing a design patent is too much. It requires introducing your product to the public and investment partners. Also, a few numbers of inventors and designers go to crowdfunding websites in order to raise money to file for a design patent.

Moreover, you may file a patent directly if you are well aware of the design patent cost and own enough funds. Have a look at the average cost of filing a design patent below:

  Large entity Small entity Micro-entity
Average Filing fee $760 $380 $190

TABLE: Design Patent Cost

Also, the cost of hiring a patent lawyer for the preparation of documents and filing the application is $1,500 to $3,000.

Moreover, the design patent cost is much less than that of the utility patent. The average cost of a basic utility patent related to the mechanical field is $3,500. However, a complex utility patent may cost up to $4,000 or more.

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Disadvantages of not knowing the Design Patent Cost:

A designer won’t file a design patent if he does not understands the design patent cost. Thus, you must hire a legal professional for filing a design patent. However, the cost is higher but there are several benefits.

An experienced patent attorney understands the process of filing a design patent application. Also, he knows the tactics of searching the database extensively in order to dig out similar designs. This may help you to save some time and money if you find it at an early stage.

However, the design patent application fees are not high, but there are other expenses in the complete process. You must pay an issue fee of $560 after a design patent examiner approves your application. However, this amount is for large entities. A small entity may qualify for an amount of $280 and a micro-entity needs to pay a sum of $140.

Moreover, the attorney works on the design patent during the complete process. A few designers or inventors receive a patent grant and then realize that it doesn’t wrap all the aspects. Also, no one wants to spend their time and money to find out that their patent is unable to protect the design.

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