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Why do you need Patent Illustration Service?

Patent illustration service helps you to represent an object or an invention in a 2-D platform for a better understanding of a common person. It is necessary to provide an illustration for a patent application which is generally known as a patent illustration or patent drawing.

Moreover, the Patent Law demands a good patent illustration that makes the patent drafting easy and wraps up the complete process in time.

However, there is a different scenario with a chemical compound/composition.

There are a number of people that highly picture oriented than word orientated. These people can easily understand the invention while looking at the drawings only. They understand the invention better via patent illustrations.

Thus, we need a patent Illustrator for creating these Patent illustrations. The patent Illustrator is an expert with a deep knowledge of machinery, chemical structures, and biological substances. They also own good artistic skills and creative mind that is earned through years of working.

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Patent Illustration: Guidelines

The majority of the patent offices approve drawings on paper or digital media, but there are specified guidelines regarding shape, format, and size. Some patent offices ask for flexible sheets while others demand rigid cardboard for filing on the paper. Also, drawing specifications like surface shading, dash lines, and thickness of the line have considerable differences in different patent offices.

Moreover, the drawings must consider the following universal requirements:

  • Clear visibility of features (text and illustration).
  • Must create neat drawings (without erasure/ error marks).
  • Maintain throughout readability.
  • Must use the metric system (preferred globally).
  • Make visually appealing Drawings to lure more attention.
  • Provide every possible view (top, bottom, side, sectional, exploded, etc.)

Note: USPTO, IPO & EPO have approximately the same regulations.

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Patent Illustration Service: Benefits

The Patent illustration service serves a lot of benefits to the applicant. Although it charges a bit it is worth spending your money. Some of the major benefits of the Patent illustration service are:

  • The Patentee must mention all the details about the Invention of the written draft. An applicant can miss some of the details. However, with the help of Patent illustration services they can avoid omitting any key points.
  • The Illustrators remain up to date with the rules and guidelines of USPTO for Patent illustration. Also, they create illustrations considering the guidelines. This increases the chance of Patent grant.

The Patent examiners may hold the process of the patent grant if we fail to submit proper Patent illustrations. Also, in some cases, they may nullify the complete process. Thus, we require a patent illustration service for perfect patent drawings.

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Why Trust The Patent Illustration Express?

The Patent illustration express owns a team of professional patent experts and illustrators from different backgrounds. They not only have a deep understanding of their field but also detailed knowledge about the patent drawing rules. Also, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction with valuable outcomes and trustful advice. Our team is eager to work with you with a quick turnaround time and a budget-friendly price. Moreover, you can place your orders online in various formats and keep a track of the status of your work every time. In addition to that, we provide you free iterations until you get what you want. For more of our services, do visit The Patent Illustration Express.

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