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Patent Illustrations Express: What Do We Offer?

How often do you have a game-changing concept and have patent illustrations ready to go? This concept could be a viable solution to a current problem, making the world a better place to live. You wouldn’t want your brilliant concept to be taken advantage of or replicated, would you? As a result, you must patent your concept before your competitors adopt it and profit from it. Patent illustrations are a crucial component of an application that you submit to protect your concept.

Patent Illustrations are drawings on uniform paper with standardized ink that show the physical existence of your invention. Furthermore, they make your concept simple to comprehend and implement. The transformation of an idea into a drawing should be flawless. Because a minor difference/deviation in patent illustrations from the original idea might cost you a fortune, the idea is unaffected by the conversion.

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Utility Patent Illustrations

These are the functioning part of a product. In this drawing, we can get an idea of the product’s functionality. Moreover, the drawing covers the technical aspect of a product. One can see the operations and functions of a product by looking at its utility patent drawing.  

Design Patent Illustrations

These form the external appearance of a product. It maintains the aesthetic view and tells how a product is going to look. Rather than focusing on the functionalities of a product, this patent drawing is restricted to the appearance of a product.


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At the beginning of this article, we asked you a question. If the answer to the question is “NO”, then you should definitely read what comes ahead.

Why Choose Patent Illustrations Express?

To get accurate figures, you need to hire professional draftsmen who can prepare flawless drawings, following USPTO guidelines properly within the given time. Patent Illustrations Express, shortened to PIE, has a strong team comprising subject-matter experts. PIE can turn your innovative idea into patent drawings timely. In addition, the company offers patent illustration services at affordable prices.

The procedure to get a patent illustration is quite simple. First of all, on the PIE website, you need to upload the data that represents your idea in any form: sketches, photographs, videos, prototypes, etc. This step is common for both Utility Patent illustrations and Design Patent illustrations.


Utility Patent Drawings

Draftsmen ensure that margins, cross-sections, lead lines, and numbering are done according to the guidelines. Thereupon, draftsmen follow the special rules for graphs, flow charts, screenshots, and other special illustrations. As soon as a utility patent illustration is ready, you receive it in available formats. Just in case, you don’t find the provided output satisfactory, draftsmen make the necessary changes free of charge.

Design Patent Drawings

At the time of creating design patent figures, draftsmen keep certain things in mind such as consistency, shading, disclaiming, new matter, non-enabling structure, antecedent basis, convexity versus concavity, and boundary lines. Moreover, draftsmen ensure that they make design patent figures according to selected office rules. In the end, you receive the final output in available formats. In case, you don’t find the provided output satisfactory, then draftsmen take your review and do iterations free of charge.

The complexity of a utility patent illustration or design patent illustration doesn’t change the cost of the service provided by PIE.   

If you wish to avail of the services of the best company that makes patent illustrations, then visit Patent Illustrations Express.

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