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Why Should You Hire Patent Illustrators?

Nowadays governments and technological advancements are providing continuous impetus to intellectual property worldwide. As a result, patent registration applications are also on a steady rise. Therefore, the need for professional patent illustrators also arises to ensure a patent grant. Here, the role of patent illustrations or patent drawings kicks in. Along with patent illustrations, patent illustrators’ role also comes into the picture.

Today, we will discuss the significance of patent illustrations for the approval of your patent application. We will focus on the benefits of hiring a professional patent illustrator.

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What are patent drawings or patent illustrations?

To put it in simple terms, patent illustrations are a graphical or visual representation of an invention. Professional patent illustrators help the patent applicant to make professional drawings for their inventive concept. Patent illustrations display a precise shading of the invention displaying the shape and design of the invention. They are included in applications along with patent descriptions. 

Why should you hire professional patent illustrators?

Patent illustrations are technical as they focus on details, rules, clarity, and preciseness. If a well-explained patent drawing is attached with the patent application, then the chances of approval of the patent application increase. Thus, it becomes extremely important to take help from professional patent illustration services. Some of the reasons to hire good patent illustrators are:

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Patent Illustrator

On-Time Patent Drawings

A professional patent illustrator will make sure that you can meet deadlines along with ensuring good quality patent illustrations.

Technicalities in the illustration

Professional patent illustrators understand the various needed technicalities for preparing a perfect patent drawing. Moreover, they use various software applications for ensuring top-notch quality. Advanced technology along with their expertise ensures the precise explanation of the invention. A skilled illustrator understands the needed number of illustrations and is able to demonstrate the same to comprise a complete set of Patent drawings. As it is possible to make professional patent drawings manually as well as by software applications, a skilled patent illustrator knows the appropriate method suited to each patent application.

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Clear and Well-Explained Patent Drawings

A professional patent illustrator will provide you with a professional patent illustration that follows the patent rules. As a result, the chances of application approval improve considerably. Not only this, but professional patent illustrators also proofread his detailed drawing to check for any mistakes. This ensures that the illustration is up to the mark. Technical patent illustrators are experts in their domains. So, they include all the minute details in a uniform style in the illustration.

Knowledge of Patent Laws

Extensive knowledge of patent rules and regulations is one of the most significant steps while hiring a patent illustrator. This is because the patent office guidelines change from country to country. An expert illustrator understands the patent drafting basics and understands all the regulatory norms. Also, he is familiar with types of patents and related requirements. Along with this, a patent illustrator the varying needs with color illustrations, chemical compounds, utility drawings, technical drawings, industry events, provisional patent drawings, and non-provisional patent applications. 

Maintaining Confidentiality

Ensuring the confidentiality of the invention is embedded in a patent illustrator’s job description. This is because revealing the invention details may have devastating consequences.  An ethical and competent patent illustrator will keep the inventive concept a secret until its publication. 

Thus, it is quite clear that a professionally prepared patent application is the sure-shot path to get yourself a patent grant. A skilled and technical illustrator will manage everything in the patent application process. Hiring a professional illustrator will not only enhance the chances of you getting a patent grant, but also will minimize the examiner’s time to grant the patent. Thus it is safe to say that hiring a technically skilled patent illustrator is one of the best decisions for your patent application.

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Is it compulsory to include patent drawing in patent applications?

  • Yes, in some cases such as for utility patent applications, it is compulsory to include utility patent illustrations. Moreover, a utility patent application is not acceptable in case it is not accompanied by at least one utility patent drawing. This is the first reason why you should include patent illustrations.
  • Secondly, patent illustrations give fundamental knowledge to the patent office examiner about the concept of your invention.
  • A patent application without accurate drawings is complicated for the patent examiner to understand. Thus patent illustrations are those underdogs that can make or break your patent application.

Thus, submitting a clear, well-made, and rule-abiding patent illustration during patent filing can improve your representation. This will also enhance the chances of the approval of your patent application.

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Why Choose Patent Illustration Express for Patent Drawing Services?

Well, if you want your patent illustration to speak for your invention, then PIE’s patent illustration services are a one-stop solution for you. We have a team of skilled and technical illustrators who delivers design patent illustration on time. These experts are up to date with all the laws and regulations of the various geographical regions. Our expert personnel has a creative bent of mind mixed with the technical know-how of illustrations. This special quality along with the use of advanced software applications and tools will give an edge to your design patent drawings. To know more about our patent illustration services, visit us

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