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Top 4 Interesting Patents

We all know how important patents are for one to protect their invention. But there have been some interesting patents over the times which are difficult to imagine. They give a clear indication of how creative a human being can be. Here are instances when people come up with all sorts of ideas, which may include invention too. So, these inventions involve some different patent illustrations which depict the invention. This article will look at some of such interesting patents and their principle:

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Insight on Some Interesting Patents

There have been some unusual but interesting ideas to get a patent grant in the past. They will surely compel you to think for a while. So if you come across a weird, yet innovative idea doesn’t brush it off. Entities in the past prove successful in getting patents of such interesting patents.

Automatic Pet Petter:

It is a fact of modern life that most people work away from their homes. Moreover, if they have pets these pets will often be alone for many hours. This can cause psychological problems for pets. Therefore, this invention is a device to comfort pets such as canines or felines.

The device has an L-shaped side view shape with a front part consisting of sensors. The sensors are in the form of photoelectric cells or activation pads. The sensor activates the petting hand and speaker which reproduces a sound or voice when the pet walks upon the device platform. There is also a soft artificial hand-shaped construct present. The artificial hand moves in an accurate manner to comfort the pet as the voice soothes the pet.

Marine Mammal Communication Device:

Interesting patent_Marine mammal communication device
Figure 2 -Patent No. US5392735A

This is one of the most interesting patents. An innovative communication device and learning tool that enables marine mammals, such as dolphins, to communicate with humans and with each other. The communication device includes a keyboard having a plurality of hollow keys. Each key includes a switch which the dolphin activates. It also includes a two- or three-dimensional object which the dolphin distinguishes from other objects both visually and through echolocation.

Light Bulb Changer:

Figure 3 – Patent No. US6826983B1

A light bulb changer method contains components that allow for instantly detecting a burned-out light. It automatically removes the burned-out light and replaces it with a replacement bulb. Also, the changer operates without human intervention and one can assemble it from a kit having replacement hardware. One can also use a changer as a retrofit for other light fixtures such as table lamps.

The Banana Suitcase:

The “Banana Suitcase” is one of the most interesting patents. The invention relates to a banana guard and pertains to a new banana protective device for storing and transporting a banana carefully.  The banana protective device includes a container having a first cover member and a second cover member.  The second cover member is attached to the first cover member for storing a banana. It also includes pad members which one disposes upon the first and second cover members for protecting and cushioning the banana.

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