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The Importance of Provisional Patent Illustrations

Provisional Patent illustrations are the important parts of a provisional patent application (PPA). According to the USPTO guidelines, there are three types of patents: design, plant, and utility. The USPTO has further categorized plant and utility patent applications as provisional and non-provisional patent applications. Moreover, the USPTO doesn’t accept a PPA for design. Therefore, you need to file a non-provisional application to patent your design. You may file a PPA if your invention needs some upgrades or you want to experiment with your invention. The USPTO gives a 12-month time to applicants to file corresponding non-provisional applications. If you fail to file a non-provisional application, your invention won’t be patented. Moreover, the USPTO will abandon your application. This article points out the importance of provisional patent illustrations.

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What are Provisional Patent Illustrations?

A detailed illustration of an object says a lot about the object. One can imagine the functionality of an invention by looking at its illustrations. Since anyone can misinterpret words, the USPTO asks applicants to include patent illustrations in their applications. Moreover, the description of an invention can be complex and hard to envision. Therefore, you must include as many patent drawings of your invention as you can in your provisional patent application. Provisional Patent illustrations or drawings are visual representations of an invention.

In figure 1, we can see the exploded view of a game. Moreover, there are different components in the game. An exploded view may help in understanding the minutest detail of an invention. Moreover, it maintains the functionality of an invention while giving the detail of each element of the invention. 

Figure 1 Exploded View

In figure 2, we can see the assembled view of the same game. This view gives us the idea of the structure of the game when each component is put together closely.

Figure 2 Assembled View

Similarly, multiple views of an invention make it hassle-free for the examiner to know the invention properly. Moreover, views may help us understand the subject matter of an invention. The USPTO has issued guidelines for applicants so that they make standardized patent illustrations.

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What is a Provisional Patent Application?

Applicants have to file a provisional patent application before filing a corresponding non-provisional application. However, it is not mandatory to file a provisional patent application since you can file it directly. In the case of a design patent, there is no need to file a PPA. You have to file a non-provisional design patent application. There are some benefits of filing a PPA; you may get an early US filing date. Also, you get a pendency period of 12 months.  However, the USPTO won’t keep a provisional patent application (PPA) after a year. Moreover, the USPTO cannot let you extend and renew a PPA. Generally, the USPTO doesn’t examine a PPA nor does a prior art search. Your PPA needs to meet minimum filing requirements. Otherwise, the USPTO won’t accept your application. To get a patent, you must file a non-provisional patent application.

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